“i'll Love You Forever"

May 31st, 2021

In a fortified capsule somewhere that ignores the laws of physics. Couples that want to love forever, come here, for an endless dance.
A dance that lasts forever. Forever of course, until the universe returns to a singularity amongst nothing but itself.
But “forever” robs Us of Our ability to appreciate this moment, and this one as well.
Burdened by infinity, We lose our appreciation of now. Given the access to eternity, what need have We (i say) for “now?”
It’s not until We’re blessed with the gift of mortality that We even begin to appreciate this moment, this person, this place.
Sure, forever would be nice, perhaps. But there’s so much of forever in this moment. One might even say (i say) that “forever” ONLY exists, in this moment, and that this moment IS forever.
So (i say), let the impractical promise of forever love take a backseat to the infinite love of right now. Nothing could EVER evoke more emotion than “i’ll love you, right now.”
Grab your spouse, sibling, friend, stranger, or self, and say “i will love you right now.” And let forever get here when it gets here.
As a world renowned violinist once said, “i never think of the future, it comes soon enough.”
In the beginning there was energy. But there was always energy, except for when there wasn’t. This energy became a single celled organism, which eventually became flowers, or mushrooms. And those spores led to life returning to land from the ocean, which led to humans. Who, may or may not, have the super power of consciousness. Eventually, their ability will improve enough until everything returns to energy, and the universe starts over.